Monday, November 5, 2012

Quick Sources for Election 2012 Coverage

The election is coming up tomorrow.  My schedule is very simple.  I wake up.  I shower.  I eat a piece of whole grain bread and a couple of eggs (brain food).  I drive to my local polling place. I vote.  I get in my car, I drive to Bristol and I set up shop for my liveblogging commentary and coverage of the election.  Throughout the day I'll be taking brief breaks from liveblogging to do live television coverage on WCYB and WEMT, the Tri-Cities' and Mountain Empire's local NBC and Fox affiliates, respectively.  I plan on being on the air, either online or televised till at least midnight, so get ready for some excitement. 

REMEMBER! All voters this year will be required to either have bowler derbies or handlebar moustaches, so please, have yours ready to present to your local pollworker.

That said I am not, nor should I be, the only source of information you turn to tomorrow.  Thus I have included this list of sources that you can turn to for both coverage and online communities to discuss the events of the day. 

Governmental Coverage

The Department of Justice Civil Rights Division: In particular see their section on Electoral Monitoring and Observation and their Voting section.

The Federal Elections Commission


The American Reform Party

The Constitution Party

The Democratic National Committee

The Democratic Socialists of America

The Green Party of the United States

The Libertarian National Committee

The Obama/Biden Campaign

The Republican National Committee

The Romney/Ryan Campaign

The Socialist Party USA

Nonpartisan Organizations

The American Civil Liberties Union: You might be particularly interested in the Voting Rights section.

The International Foundation for Electoral Systems: Focus on the United States section.

The Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe: Elections.


The Atlantic: Politics

The Chicago Tribune: Election 2012 coverage. . .

The Christian Science Monitor: Three little letters - USA.

CNN: Election Center 2012

The Economist: Check out the US Elections 2012 section.

The Los Angeles Times: Politics Now.

The New York Times: Head straight for the Politics section.

The Newshour with Jim Lehrer on PBS: Especially check out "Vote 2012" and "The Rundown"

NPR: Election 2012

PBS: Election Coverage 2012

Politico: 2012 Live

The Wall Street Journal: Election 2012

The Washington Post: Coverage details.


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