Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Is this a referendum on the Tea Party Faction?

Mr. Peters asks on Facebook:  Neither McAuliffe nor Cuccinelli have been particularly inspiring candidates, and most see Cuccinelli as representing only Tea Party interests and not mainstream Republican Party interests. Doesn't that make this election more of a referendum on the Tea Party than on the two major political parties?

I think to a degree it is - honestly, I have to say that had Bolling been chosen that he'd have a much better chance at a win for exactly that reason.  That said, I think it is clear that Tea Party faction is co-bolstering Cuccinelli along with the social conservative faction - there is a lot of overlap, but that overlap certainly isn't perfect by any means.

Regardless, for every manner in which the debates over the budget and ACA have hurt the Obama administration's they have done the same to the Tea Party faction - which means you have chaos entering the system without an as-of-yet emergent new order.

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