Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Summation: Virginia Election 2013

Okay kids - we're nearly done.  Time to sum up insofar as we will be able to tonight.

First, the success of moderate Republicans versus Tea Party and/or social conservative Republicans tonight is not something that will go unnoticed - the possibility is very real that this will lead to a strengthening of the factional struggle in the party.  Of course it might not.

The success of the Libertarian gubernatorial contender in the Commonwealth at the apparent (based upon a simple comparison of the governor to lieutenant governor race) expense of the Democrats, not the Republicans, seems to indicate the dissatisfied, alienated, libertine, and/or moderate are leaning towards the Democratic party in general unless there is a third-party candidate capable of throwing a wrench in the works.

Further, as was predicted, the Republicans look to have their best opportunity to capitalize in the form of an office in the contest for the attorney general; whether they are ultimately victorious is an entirely different issue.

Finally, it looks like the Virginia of the present moment has the potential to be definitely trending, as the demographics would predict, towards the Democratic party.  It is far to early to make such a claim definitively but I can tell you what - the next Congressional and Presidential elections will be predicated on that narrative - how will the Democrats shore up their position versus how will the Republicans regain their prominence.  Practically, however, Republican control of the General Assembly still looks fairly assured - at least for the time being.

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