Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Where (else) to keep up with the elections

Eric Drummond Smith hard at work live-blogging the 2013 elecction
We've reached a lull in the questions, so I think this is a good time to introduce you-all to the best locations to keep up with the election online.  I've got a couple - first, and most importantly, is the Virginia State Board of Elections.  This website will give you the facts and nothing but the facts - not interpretation, just statistics about both turn-out and voting outcomes, as well as precinct breakdowns and reports.  Why do you want this/  This is the raw sugar kids, no corn syrup, flat out truth.   Remember the basic rule - the higher the turn-out the more legitimate the election and candidates are seen as being by the polity's population, the lower the turn-out, the higher the alienation, anomy, and apathy.

The Washington Post's Virginia Politics section is great for general coverage as well - after all, it is the the international-quality newspaper that is both geographically and economically most tied to the Commonwealth.  You also might want to check the Post's live-blog - I mean, when you're bored of mine. .

The Richmond Times-Dispatch has teamed up with PolitiFact to put together an intensive examination of the Virginia politics and the veracity and lack thereof of claims made by politicians and political actors - this of course includes this term's race.  Worth a look-see.

There is are al Jazeera's and Politico's 2013 election coverage of both the Glorious Commonwealth and the nearly as Glorious State of New Jersey.  Should be solid.

Other recommendations?

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