Tuesday, November 4, 2014

A Rant on CNN and Horrible Background Music

I have CNN on the old television right now while I keep up my reading.  I have to say this is some truly, truly disappointing coverage.  The coverage on Virginia, in particular, is very bad - it reflects a complete ignorance of previous voting patterns and races and of political geography.  As one of my peers (who has asked to remain anonymous) who is a fellow academic, but in history, just wrote me saying, and I quote, "It is also not a bloody horse race. They are calling it like the Kentucky Derby."  
I couldn't agree more.  This sort of calling is irresponsible and totally misrepresents the nature of our electoral process in the United States and the tendency to under-report urban areas relative to urban areas.  Put simply - D quality at best reporting, CNN. 

Easy fix?  Bring in experts, not failed politicians, from each swing state and ask them about their particular state.  There are more than enough experienced regional journalists and academics who would gladly donate their time and expertise.  

Also, turn off that insane video game music.  Seriously.  I feel like I'm playing Contra, without the awesome. 

CNN's Producer of Visual Effects Like Maps and Stuff

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