Tuesday, November 4, 2014

The Good Stuff: Resources for Understanding the 2014 Midterm Elections

Your Political Scientist at Work on the Midterm Elections...
Let's face it - not all news media is created equal - some of it is junk food, some of it is biased beyond utility, and some of it is just poorly done.  I'll have none of that madness on AaPS - not a bit of it! So, where can you go to learn what you need to learn to feel like you understand today's elections, not to mention the fallout tomorrow? Dig on these sites:

Al Jazeera's "America Votes 2014"

The Atlantic's "The Midterm Elections: A User's Guide"

BBC's "US mid-term elections 2014" 

The Christian Science Monitor's "What will happen on Election Day? 5 scenarios for the Senate."

The Economist's "Elections / US mid-terms"

The New York Times' "Live Coverage of the Midterm Election"

Vox's "2014 Midterm Elections: Live updates, results, polls from Election Day"

The Washington Post's "Live Updates: Election 2014"

Also, I have decided to get some links to the coverage from states where the election is most contested, specifically from the most important news outlet(s) in the state:

Arkansas / The Arkansas Democrat-Gazette's "2014 Elections"

Colorado / The Denver Post's "Election 2014"

Georgia / The Atlanta Journal-Constitution's "Georgia Elections 2014 Live"

Iowa / The Des Moines Register's "Iowa Election 2014"

Kansas / The Kansas City Star's "Election"

Louisiana / The Advocate's "Elections" 
                / The Times-Picayune's "Politics"

New Hampshire / The Concord Monitor's "Campaign Monitor"
                           / The New Hampshire Union Leader "Politics" 

North Carolina / The News & Observer's "Politics & Government" 
                         / The Charlotte Observer's "Politics"

Virginia / The Richmond Times-Dispatch's "Virginia Politics"
              / The Roanoke Times' "Election 2014"

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