Contact & Permissions

I feel like this blog is a public service; as of the present moment, I don't imagine I'll ever derive any monetary or professional value from it.  But one never knows - and besides, these are my words, and I work pretty hard on both the blog itself and making sure I know enough to be useful. So, I would ask that you respect my rights, if you would, and just ask for (and receive) permission before republishing content from this blog in a for-profit context, or if you intend to alter anything in your own nonprofit context.  Also, if you quote or cite me, please link me - just courtesy.

If you have questions, comments, inquiries, or just care to chat there are a million ways to contact me.  You can of course comment on one of my posts or, alternatively, can contact me by e-mail (for this blog I use my work e-mail -, or visit the AaPS Facebook page, or you can shoot a tweet over on the AaPS Twitter page.