The Rules

The quality of discourse, it seems to me, has declined precipitously in the United States.  That isn't to say we're falling apart, but I despise the angry tenor of "debate" and thinly disguised hate speech, not to mention the infantile dependency on rhetoric and propaganda instead of reasoned, rational conversation and discussion.  It literally makes me ill to my stomach. So, here are "the Rules" of my blog.  Because it is my blog, and by Jiminy, I'll have some gentility.

No hate speech, no slurs.

Limit the rhetoric; writing well and interestingly? Fantastic.  Writing to obfuscate, distract, or basically cloud the issue - no dice.

No trolling, no flaming, and while I don't really care if you cuss, keep it within the "it'd be okay within a freshman political science class" realm.

No personal attacks.

So basically, play pretty.  Compete, compare, discuss, question, argue.  But do it with some class, will you?

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I appreciate your comments, questions, insights, debates, and so forth, but please, no trolling, flaming, hate, or general incivility.